Care instructions
In order for the product to retain its beautiful appearance for as long as possible, protect it from dust and dirt, protect it from moisture (rain, sleet). If the fur product gets wet from snow or rain, it must be shaken, hung on wide coat hangers and dried at room temperature.
Do not dry fur products near heating and heating appliances, as well as in the bright sun. The dried products must be shaken and combed in the direction of the hairline (except astrakhan fur).
When wearing fur products, felting of the hairline is possible. An area of fur with felted hair should be carefully combed with a special metal comb or a simple comb with infrequent teeth. Combing should start from the ends of the hair and lead in the direction of their natural slope, gradually deepening the comb into the hairline.
The result of high dynamic loads on individual parts of the product may be ruptures of the leather tissue and seams. Small tears and damage to the seams are recommended to be sewn up from the side of the leather tissue; in case of large tears or snatches of pieces, the product should be repaired by a specialist or contact the fur salon directly for repair of the product.
The split of the fur (when the villi diverge and form a parting to the mezdra) is the specificity of natural fur (mainly mink). Inherent in almost any skin and is not a defect. Eliminated by combing with a peg brush.
Possible minor flaws that are inherent in almost any product made of natural fur, such as small holes and bald spots, single kinks are not a defect of the product. GOST are allowed. Also, natural splits of the fur and cases of felting of the hairline are not defects.
At home, the fur product should be stored in a closet away from light and heating devices, preferably in a special case (plastic cases are not allowed) and at a small distance from the antimol preparation.
Before packaging for long-term storage, the product must be dried and cleaned. Dust and dirt can be removed by brushing the product.
It is recommended to ventilate the product every 4 months in a dimly lit room and replace the moth preparation with a fresh package. It is not allowed to sprinkle the fur with mothballs. The product should hang freely in the closet so that air circulates around the fur and the pile does not wrinkle.
Do not hang dyed fur next to undyed items. The best storage conditions are at a temperature of 5-7° and a relative humidity of 50-70%. It is recommended to hand over the most valuable products for summer storage in special refrigerators.
Protect fur (especially light-colored) from exposure to bright light. Avoid mechanical impacts on the fur as a result of rubbing against hard objects (bags, belts, shoes, jewelry, steering wheel and armrest of a car, etc.).
It is also not allowed: to iron the fur and the lining with an iron; wash and wet fur; store wet and dirty fur in a case; clean fur at home and in dry cleaning (except for dry cleaners specially designed for cleaning fur products); apply perfume, cologne, toilet water, hairspray, etc. to the fur; pin brooches to the product; tie a scarf or shawl over fur; wear a bag over your shoulder or on your forearm; sit in a fur product on a heated car seat, especially after falling under the snow; be in a fur product near the exhaust pipe of the car.
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