Bespoke tailoring
Our masters will fulfill your order for individual tailoring with the highest quality and just in time. When ordering individual tailoring from us, you will save a lot. we have our own warehouse of leather and fur purchased directly from the best European manufacturers and you do not have to purchase materials for tailoring from resellers.
We work only with fur that we buy ourselves, so we are confident in the quality of the finished product and provide a certificate and a guarantee for all our fur coats.

Bespoke tailoring of fur products is paid in two stages. You make an advance payment before starting work, and the rest - when trying on and receiving the finished fur coat.
For questions related to individual tailoring, you can consult by phone: +7 (960) 372 21 77
Benefits of tailoring at Furs Dvor
Best fur
We work with with the best foreign and Russian fur manufacturers
Tailoring time - 15 working days, urgent tailoring is possible
Small advance payment
Up to 30% of the cost of the product
10 year warranty on all products
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